Playlist and Recipe Development

We have been busy here developing new recipes.  Recipe development is double the fun with a great playlist.  So we decided to share what we have been playing behind the scenes while we have been developing our fabulous new granola bar.  Not long now until we can reveal the flavour but trust me its delicious. In the meantime enjoy the eclectic mix.


  • Morcheeba - Otherwise
  • Sure Thing - St Germain
  • Rafiki - Zap mama
  • Miss you (Remastered) - The Rolling Stones
  • Pools - Glass Animals
  • Samba de mon Coeur qui bat - Coralie Clement
  • Omen- disclosure
  • Royals - Lorde
  • Happy endings -Faul
  • Halo - Ane Brun
  • You're the one I want - Lo fang
  • All is not harmed - Ben Howard
  • Barcelona - George Ezra



Back to School

If you are like me the end of August and the return to school is bittersweet.  During the rainy days of mid July I was more than ready for back to school but now that it is actually here I am mourning the carefree days of Summer.

Despite the rain (did I mention we had a very wet summer!) we had a great time. Here are my top 5 memories of summer.

1 - We realised pretty quickly the weather was going to be rubbish and invested in wetsuits.  We have spend many fun evenings on the beach in Knockinelder body boarding and paddling and enjoying having the beach to ourselves.  Mya defiantly has the potential to be a surfer.

2 - A fabulous road trip to Kinsale in Cork.  We managed 3 entire days with no rain (yes back to the rain!) and enjoyed sailing, swimming and eating oh my was there eating!

3 -Every year for Ollie's birthday we have our annual trip to Portrush and to Barry's amusements.  I love the kids rides but they don't need me anymore but they did take sympathy on me and invite me on my favourite water turtle.

4- A sneaky night away with David to Bellinter house  This is where we went on honeymoon and I highly recommend it without children!

5- Finally in preparation for Autumn we took Ollie and Mya to their first rugby match on Friday night. Ulster V Leinster, Ok so Ulster lost but we have two new Superfans...come on Ulster!!

All good things must come to an end and Autumn is coming.

Every year I promise I am going to be organised for school and I do start offwell as I pick up trousers and skirts at the end of June and put them in the back of the wardrobe and give myself a pat on the back.  Then its the week before school starts and I put off getting out uniforms from the wardrobe looking to hold onto that holiday feeling for as long as possible. Finally Ollie will ask where are my new school shoes...what new school shoes? Is it just me? On a positive note I am always organised for breaktime.....granola bars all round!

I hope everyone had a lovely summer, let me know what your highlights were oh and good luck for the school run.

Jill x



Weekend Fun

This weekend we will mainly splashing about in the Irish Sea. The Northern Ireland summer has been elusive and this may be as good as it gets!  So get out there and Just Live a Little

Top five things to do with Kids in and around Portaferry

1 - Knockinelder Beach - almost guaranteed to have it to yourself even on the sunniest of days!

2 -Kearney Village - National Trust Village a perfect picnic spot.

3-Portaferry Sailing Club - A great value spot for a pub lunch open to non members with spectacular lough views and a great menu.

4- Portaferry-Strangford Ferry - A speedy and fun way to cross to Strangford before heading to...

5 - Mount Stewart - Mount Stewart is one of the most inspiring and unusual properties in the National Trust's ownership and offers unique kids only activities.

Have a great weekend.

Jill x


An Average Week at Just Live a Little...

I thought it might be nice to give you an idea what an average week was like here at Just Live a Little (I know that’s funny as there is no such thing as an average week)

One of the great things about running Just Live a Little is there is never two days the same.  We are always planning one thing when something else exciting happens that throws our days into disarray.

  • Monday was spend out on the road doing deliveries to some of our food service customers and catching up on e-mails until an emergency order for portion pots came in and let’s just say it was a late night. 
  • Tuesday was spend in the office and mostly feeling emotional as my little brother Mark went off to Australia.  He is defiantly got the Just Live a Little bug as he moves down under for the year…let’s just say there were tears.
  • Wednesday I was up at 4am and off to London to meet with the Collective Dairy to discuss a possible collaboration.  It was lots of fun tasting their amazing flavours…Russian fudge is still my ultimate favourite and David is looking forward to developing some granola combinations to go with their amazing Straight Up!

In the afternoon I met with an organisation looking to work with companies like ours to provide mentoring and support.  It was great to share some ideas and get excited about Just Live a Little’s future plans.

Jenny was out on the road on Wednesday for the first time all by herself and she did amazing, let me know if you have had the chance to meet her.

Wednesday also was the first day David baked in the new conveyor roaster oven.  (You have no idea how excited he was about this.) 

  • Thursday was spend catching up on e-mails and then an emergency delivery with David as he had way over estimated how much he could fit into the Mokka, so my little Fiat 500 was called into action with 50 boxes of our yummy yogurtberry bars squeezed in the back. 
  • Friday I am having a kid’s day with a few deliveries thrown in.  Mya is having her first friend over for a sleep over…so that should be relaxing, but great fun!

Did I mention I have also started working out with a great Personal trainer, who is fabulous but I am not going to lie I can hardly move the next day, which doesn’t help with late night granola packing!

Oh and we also fitted in a trip to see Disney's Inside out, trust me you must go, kids optional.

A busy and fun week as ever.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Jill x


Our First Summer Intern

Today’s post introduces a special person on our journey - our first Summer intern!

Everyone, meet Jenny Martin (20) from Kircubbin/Newtownards! She is studying Communication, Advertising and Marketing at the University of Ulster.

We’re really glad to have Jenny on board as things heat up around Just Live a Little HQ with meetings, tasting events and stockist visits happening all across the country.

We asked Jenny a little bit about why she came to work with us and what she hopes to learn:

Why I chose Just Live a Little to work with: 

I felt it was a business that could provide me with the practical skills and knowledge for my chosen career. Just Live a Little really attracted me because, having researched it, I quickly realised that it was a very young, dynamic company that would go from strength to strength and I also believe it will be an exciting place to work.

What I hope to learn from my time with them: 

I hope Just Live a Little will give me a realistic view of the world of Marketing and what it involves. I feel that Jill and David will give me an insight into the kinds of skills and qualities I need to develop to become successful in the Marketing sector.

My Favourite Just Live a Little product: 

My favourite would have to be the Whole Almond granola, I eat it every morning for breakfast.

If I could invent a new granola flavour combination it would be: 

Banana, nuts and chocolate chip!

We hope you enjoyed meeting Jenny and look out for her across the country this summer.

Thanks for stopping by.

Jill x

Hello and welcome to the first blog post from Just Live a Little.....

My name is Jill and I am one half of the Just Live a Little team.  This is my first ever blog post and I’m so excited to share our journey as we reflect on the past 18 months and look forward to a fun-filled adventure featuring our very lovely granola products. All the blogs will be written by me so you can expect to get a peek behind the scenes, exclusive granola-based recipes, pairings and an insight into the life of a working mum balancing school runs with supplier meetings!

As this is the first blog post we thought it would be a good opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit more about the family behind the Just Live a Little brand.

 Meet the team…..

 Jill -  I am the co –founder and sales and marketing director at Just Live a Little.  I am a Northern Ireland girl living in Portaferry. I am married to David and together we have two children Ollie 6 and Mya 4. I’m generally into good food, well being (trying to give up a diet coke habit) and being by the seaside as much as possible. I like to enjoy the great outdoors and my perfect way to spend a day would be to enjoy a long walk on the beach followed by a picnic with friends and family.

David my husband and co-founder spends his time sourcing ingredients and coming up with new recipe ideas for the Just Live a Little range.  David loves Ulster rugby and planning our seaside trips here and abroad. 

Ollie 6  - is full of energy and loves playing football, tennis, swimming and all things outdoors.

May 4 - is always trying to keep up with her brother and one very independent young lady..I don't know where she gets it from!

We hope you enjoyed a little sneak peek behind the scenes here at the Farmhouse. We would love to hear your feedback and your ideas for the kinds of things you would like to find here on our website. 

Thanks for stopping by,

Jill x