We are now on Moonpig! 🐽

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We are now on Moonpig as part of their Rise n Shine gift box, the perfect gift for early birds and maybe those who need a little bit of encouragement...


The gift box includes our glorious Whole Almond granola, alongside a host of other amazing gifts!

  • Belvoir - Orange & Mandaring Light Presse 25cl
  • Brew Tea Breakfast Tea 56.2g
  • Grumpy Mule Colombia Ground 227g
  • The Pickled Village - The Boozy Dark Breakfast 114g
  • The Pickled Village - The Indulgent One 114g
  • Toast Stamp - Rock the Toast
  • Ceramic Egg Cup

It has everything you need for the perfect breakfast in bed - so whether someones feeling a little under the weather, or right as rain - this gift is sure to give their day the best start possible. Happy gifting!

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