5 Most Amazing Beaches in Ireland (Well my favourites)

Ok after last week’s snow I am more than ready to get outside….I love the snow but in December not early March.  So, this week the sun is shining and ok it is a little cold but ready to hit the beach!

I absolutely love living by the sea and often drag Ollie and Mya on days when they would much rather be inside playing Roblox…anyone else sick of hearing the word Roblox?  One of the amazing places to have the best chill-out-time is on the beach.  Let’s face it we are all in  need of some Vitamin D.   Here are more reasons beach-time should be your next move:

  •  Mental health: according to psychologists, staying on the beach calms the mind and relaxes the soul. It provides you the serene environment you need to rethink, re-strategize and rebuild your life
  • Swim: this is therapeutic. As you thrust your body into the soothing waters, it relaxes your muscles, joints and keeps your heart sound
  • Family bonding: with natural habitats in place, the beach provides the best atmosphere for a family time.



Now that you know why beach-time can be amazing, see five amazing beaches to go to in Ireland:

1.       Knockinelder (I know I am Bias but I love it)

One of Irelands best kept secrets.  Fantastic tidal beach most of the time you have it to yourself as well as a fab beach you can scramble around to Kearney village the most beautiful National Trust village.  Perfect for kids exploring dog walking and getting the wind in your hair!


2.       Portstewart Strand

This is a well know beauty.  Brilliant for driving down on to, family barbeques races in the sand dunes and don’t forget the amazing waves for the surfing…well trying to surf for the craic.

3.       Murlough Bay

Set in the foothills of the Mourne Mountains this is an absolute beauty.  Stunning walk to the beach along the boardwalk and then you are rewarded with a stunning 3-mile beach, fantastic sand dunes and nature reserve.  Even on the busiest day you can find a quiet spot.

4.       Sandy cove beach co Dublin

Located south of Dublin, this amazing beach was an opening scene in the movie James Joyce’s Ulysses. It is an epitome of art in the open air.

5.       Barley Cove, co Cork

The water is outrightly clean. The sand dunes are mind-blowing. You can get sumptuous seafood in one of the Schull great seafood restaurants.

I could go on and on but this is a great start!

Enjoy your time in Ireland.