How we fuel hungry office staff around the UK!

Mid-way through 2016 we started supplying Office Pantry ( with our superflapjack bars and thought this is as good a time as any to talk about why we do so.

As you know, we want everyone to have fun and eat well.

Now the place where we all actually spend the majority of our time is at work, at the office.  So if we can deliver some happiness to you at work then we’ll have done right, and help to put a smile on your face.

That’s why we supply Office Pantry.

Office Pantry helps deliver healthy snacks to companies right across the UK – with their packs being tailor made to the offices they deliver to. Great bosses provide the snacks, including our superflapjack bars (, to their staff, making everyone happier.

We’re also proud to say we passed the 3 Office Pantry tests.

Those being:

1.       Everything must be made in the UK

2.      Everything must be grandmother approved

3.       Everything must taste damned good

Taking those in order:

1) We make everything here at our home in Portaferry – made in the UK.

2) So the “grandmother test” means all the ingredients in the Office Pantry snacks must contain wholesome, real ingredients. In fact, the ingredients must be approved by a grandmother – if she can hold and touch the ingredients in raw form, and make a meal out of them for her favourite grandchildren, then it passes the Office Pantry.

We passed this with flying colours as we do just that – we use real ingredients to make real food and help you eat well

3) The fact our bars taste “damned good” goes without saying doesn’t it!

So there we go, we’ve known the founders Charles (on the right) and Giles for nearly a year now, and we’d encourage all of you to nudge your boss and point him or her towards this page à

This way we can all have fun and eat well at work!