Food Shows.....

Just Live a Little is just back from a four day food show in Alimentaria in Barcelona.  One of the largest shows in Europe.  It was enormous had six halls and would have taken a month to visit all the halls and all the stands.

There really is no way to prepare yourself for participating in a show this size in another country, preparing for childcare and flights and accommodation the stand the stock the leaflets.  If there is an easy way to prepare let me know as I felt I was organising a mission to Mars.

Being at a food show in Barcelona is way more glamorous than it sounds. It is a huge exhibition hall where you do not see the light of day for ten hours and no matter what shoes you bring they are the wrong ones as they don't actually make suitable shoes for this amount of standing.

Some of the great things about these shows is the camaraderie.  Everyone around you in the exhibition hall becomes like your best friend.  We all feed each other encourage each other and go out to eat together and make sure everyone gets home safe.  Its a cocoon from the real world its "show world"

One of the most exciting things is the people you meet.  At our stand we met retailers, distributors, online retailers from all over the world including Russia and Guatemala, Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, Israel, America, Africa.

It is great to leave our little world in Portaferry and meet so many great contacts.  it is also great to be home and sitting down.  I will keep you posted on which country you will find Just Live a Little next.



Jill x