Gluten Free Granola is here!

 I am so excited to launch our new Triple Nut Gluten Free Granola.

We are always been told one of the things people miss most about going Gluten Free is delicious Granola for breakfast. Now you won't have to.

Oats do not in themselves contain gluten (I know lots of people didn't know this)  but often they can be contaminated. So we are delighted to be making our new Triple Nut Granola with gluten free oats. Oats that were grown and processed in such a way that they never came into contact with wheat.

Our recipe packs a serious punch of healthy fats and nuts Almonds, Cashews and Pecans. They will seriously make your taste buds buzz!

Let us know what you think and I will keep you updated on where to buy.

Jill x