Back to School

If you are like me the end of August and the return to school is bittersweet.  During the rainy days of mid July I was more than ready for back to school but now that it is actually here I am mourning the carefree days of Summer.

Despite the rain (did I mention we had a very wet summer!) we had a great time. Here are my top 5 memories of summer.

1 - We realised pretty quickly the weather was going to be rubbish and invested in wetsuits.  We have spend many fun evenings on the beach in Knockinelder body boarding and paddling and enjoying having the beach to ourselves.  Mya defiantly has the potential to be a surfer.

2 - A fabulous road trip to Kinsale in Cork.  We managed 3 entire days with no rain (yes back to the rain!) and enjoyed sailing, swimming and eating oh my was there eating!

3 -Every year for Ollie's birthday we have our annual trip to Portrush and to Barry's amusements.  I love the kids rides but they don't need me anymore but they did take sympathy on me and invite me on my favourite water turtle.

4- A sneaky night away with David to Bellinter house  This is where we went on honeymoon and I highly recommend it without children!

5- Finally in preparation for Autumn we took Ollie and Mya to their first rugby match on Friday night. Ulster V Leinster, Ok so Ulster lost but we have two new Superfans...come on Ulster!!

All good things must come to an end and Autumn is coming.

Every year I promise I am going to be organised for school and I do start offwell as I pick up trousers and skirts at the end of June and put them in the back of the wardrobe and give myself a pat on the back.  Then its the week before school starts and I put off getting out uniforms from the wardrobe looking to hold onto that holiday feeling for as long as possible. Finally Ollie will ask where are my new school shoes...what new school shoes? Is it just me? On a positive note I am always organised for breaktime.....granola bars all round!

I hope everyone had a lovely summer, let me know what your highlights were oh and good luck for the school run.

Jill x