An Average Week at Just Live a Little...

I thought it might be nice to give you an idea what an average week was like here at Just Live a Little (I know that’s funny as there is no such thing as an average week)

One of the great things about running Just Live a Little is there is never two days the same.  We are always planning one thing when something else exciting happens that throws our days into disarray.

  • Monday was spend out on the road doing deliveries to some of our food service customers and catching up on e-mails until an emergency order for portion pots came in and let’s just say it was a late night. 
  • Tuesday was spend in the office and mostly feeling emotional as my little brother Mark went off to Australia.  He is defiantly got the Just Live a Little bug as he moves down under for the year…let’s just say there were tears.
  • Wednesday I was up at 4am and off to London to meet with the Collective Dairy to discuss a possible collaboration.  It was lots of fun tasting their amazing flavours…Russian fudge is still my ultimate favourite and David is looking forward to developing some granola combinations to go with their amazing Straight Up!

In the afternoon I met with an organisation looking to work with companies like ours to provide mentoring and support.  It was great to share some ideas and get excited about Just Live a Little’s future plans.

Jenny was out on the road on Wednesday for the first time all by herself and she did amazing, let me know if you have had the chance to meet her.

Wednesday also was the first day David baked in the new conveyor roaster oven.  (You have no idea how excited he was about this.) 

  • Thursday was spend catching up on e-mails and then an emergency delivery with David as he had way over estimated how much he could fit into the Mokka, so my little Fiat 500 was called into action with 50 boxes of our yummy yogurtberry bars squeezed in the back. 
  • Friday I am having a kid’s day with a few deliveries thrown in.  Mya is having her first friend over for a sleep over…so that should be relaxing, but great fun!

Did I mention I have also started working out with a great Personal trainer, who is fabulous but I am not going to lie I can hardly move the next day, which doesn’t help with late night granola packing!

Oh and we also fitted in a trip to see Disney's Inside out, trust me you must go, kids optional.

A busy and fun week as ever.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Jill x